Our Vision

How do you prepare yourself for
the future career market?

The answer might not be as simple as you think…

Take a moment to think about what your day would be like without your smart phone, for instance. No email at your fingertips, no quickly Googling that important fact, no easy entertainment on the bus ride. In fact that the term email was only coined in the ‘90s, Google didn’t even exist until a few years after that and the iPhone only hit the market in 2007!

What did the world look like ten years ago? How did we get things done? What happened before IT teams? What was relevant in the business world? What were corporate priorities? How are they different from today? What social and technological advancements will come next?

The world is changing at such a fast pace, there is no doubt that many of the jobs we’ll see in 2035 simply don’t exist today.

At Kaplan, we understand that the world is changing at a pace unlike we’ve ever seen before, and that change will only come faster. We’re aware that we haven’t even dreamt of the jobs of the future, but we know that education and training will always be crucial to helping people stay relevant in an innovative, competitive and fast-paced world.

At Kaplan we’ve built a road to support you along your career journey and prepare you for your future.

Wherever you are along your career journey,
Kaplan can help you take the next step.

As one of the largest educators in Australia, we recognise that all students are individuals, professional acumen isn’t found in the pages of a book but in developing practical, applicable skills and knowledge, and that networks, support and opportunity underpins career success.

That’s why we put so much emphasis on ensuring that our students have an exceptional learning experience. We remain tightly connected to industry, uphold a robust and respected reputation and work alongside our partner universities to be leaders in the delivery of a new breed of education.

Our Promise

To be a lifelong
learning partner

We believe that to be most effective in supporting student success we need to partner with people for life.

Whether you want to improve your marks in school, acquire a degree that gives you real skills or gain knowledge for a promotion, Kaplan can help you get there.

To connect students
with careers

Kaplan is not focused on education for education’s sake. Our relationship with a student doesn’t end when we shake their hand and give them a piece of paper. We are in the business of enabling career success through building student knowledge, skills and capabilities.

To improve ourselves
and the industry

Industries are looking for thought leadership, development and innovation. Kaplan has the talent, insight and courage to take on this role and push the industries that we work with to be better, more ethical and higher performing.

We plan to partner with a number of key players to launch products that will improve the market immeasurably, think creatively to leverage existing partnerships and develop new ones from non-traditional backgrounds and work with our peers to revolutionise the position of ‘private’ education in this country.

Our Brands

Kaplan offers a kaleidoscope of programs in Australia and New Zealand, through our diverse family of brands.

Kaplan Professional is a leading provider of financial services education and training in Australia.

Our reputation is built on quality, flexibility and the rigour of approach to assessment and industry standards, with a focus on creating long-term partnerships with individuals and organisations. Our learning solutions range from ASIC compliance programs to qualifications in both vocational and postgraduate education.

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Kaplan Business School offers higher education programs in business, accounting, management and tourism for Australian and international students by helping graduates achieve their career goals.

Our qualifications are designed to provide the practical skills and knowledge needed to achieve success in the real world.

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Kaplan International English teaches English to international students from all over the world, in a fun and engaging environment. We have seven schools in this region and teach over 8,000 international students each year.

Offering accredited English programs, university pathways and junior programs in 48 schools across four continents, KIE uses the latest teaching technology, learning technology and our own bespoke curriculum to help students achieve their goals.

Visit the Kaplan International English website

Murdoch Institute of Technology (MIT) provides students with the academic foundations required for undergraduate studies at Murdoch University—placed in the top 2% of universities globally (QS World Rankings). Located on-campus, students have access to a range of campus facilities and benefit from the supportive yet academically challenging learning environment. Murdoch Institute of Technology offer both Australian and international students the opportunity to follow an alternative entry pathway into either year 1 or 2 of a bachelor degree at the university and go on to achieve their study goals and fulfil their career aspirations.

Visit the Murdoch Institute of Technology website

The University of Adelaide College provides students with a pathway to undergraduate studies at the University of Adelaide—consistently ranked in the top 1% of universities worldwide and one of Australia’s prestigious ‘Group of Eight’ universities. Located in the heart of the city of Adelaide, the College provides the thorough preparation, guidance, support and encouragement needed to help students fulfil their academic potential. The University of Adelaide College is proud to be the University’s preferred pathway partner. Successful completion of our Foundation Studies or Degree Transfer Programs provide students with a guaranteed place in the first or second year of their selected bachelor degree.

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